Tell Us Who We Are (2018) Production c.1hr 15'

dance, theatre

Collaboration with writer Gary McNair,  choreographer Anna Kenrick  (Y-Dance) and directed by Mary McCluckey (Scottish Youth Theatre) creating a new production for the first collaboration between Scotlands national youth companies: National Youth Choir of Scotland, National Youth Orchestra of Scotland, Scottish Youth Theatre and Y-Dance.

 For  dancers, actors, SATB choir and chamber group (6 musicians)







Game?  (2016)    c.14'


Collaboration with choreographer Thomas Baylis for Cottier's Festival 2016, Glasgow. For 5 dancers, soprano, piano, violin, viola, cello, clarinet.











Common Complaints  (2016)       c.7'

visual art

Collaboration with Jennifer Mason for final performance of visual art film.












For Now I Am (2014/15)     c.35'


Composition for choreographer Marc Brew's new solo piece, comprising cello, piano and sound design.











"Shamal" (2014)     c.17'

visual art & film

Live Art (Rachel Gadsden),  Short film (Abigail Norris) & Composition collaboration, featuring pre-recorded soundscape with live solo cello.







Cube of Curiosity (2013)     c.20'

visual art & dance

With Rachel Gadsden visual artist, Marc Brew Choreographer, Calum Huggan Percussionist Live and pre-recorded percussion featuring electro-acoustic soundscape, visual art and dance.





Beach (2012)     c.4’


Red note ensemble with film by Laurie Irvine Cor Anglais, violin, viola





Charged +/-  (2012)     c.7'

(i) Repulsion (ii) Attraction (iii) Meltdown


With choreographer Anna Clifford, dancers from RCS BA Modern Ballet, live percussion, electric/ acoustic violin, electronics.





Frames (2012)    c.4'


With choreographer Anna Clifford

Solo dancer with pre-recorded sound (generated from recordings of hand sounds and camera clicks)





Reflections (2012)     c. 6'


For The Dance School of Scotland. Choreographer Anna Clifford.

(8 musicians & 8 dancers)





fRagmEnteD (2011)     c.9’


With choreographer Anna Clifford and dancers from RCS BA Modern Ballet

Large ensemble (14 players) & 5 dancers






Zing! (2011)     c.5’


Choreography by Matthew Topliss with dancers from RCS BA Modern Ballet

Large Ensemble (14players) and 8 dancers