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Large Ensemble


Tell Us Who We Are  (2018)     c.30'’

Large Ensemble (8 piayers,SAB,8 actors,8 dancers)



SURGE (2011)     c.5’  (13 players)



The Way Of Things (2010)     c.15’

Large Ensemble (16 players)



Imaginary Numbers (2009)     c.9’

Large Ensemble (9 players)



Kecskemet Variations  (2013 / 14)     c.15’


Once Upon A Time (2012)    c.3’


Double Jeopardy (2010)    c.4’




Baby Factory (2010)    c.9'


For Children



Rollercoaster Ride (2018) c.2'


Beltane (2017) c, 15'

A song cycle of 5 songs for children's choir with piano


Have You Ever Met A Squirrel At A Ceilidh? c.3'



How Will Earth Look? (2017) c.3'



There's a Dinosaur in my Garden (2016)   c.2'



If I was King/Queen (2016)     c.3'



Ghost Train (2016)     c. 2'



Who Am I? (2013)    c.4'

A capella Children’s choir (SSA)



Flicker (2016)     c.7'

Clarinet, violin, viola, cello


Beauty & the Beastie (2015)     c.6'

String quartet



After the Before (2013)     c.16'

String quartet & trombone



Prey (2012)     c.8’

2 bass clarinets & piano



Fickle Nemesis (2012)     c.7'

Brass Quintet



#littleblacknotes (2012)    c.10'

Flute (db alto) & marimba / percussion



And Then There Were Four  (2011)     c.13’

3 Movements for flute quartet



The Train To Nowhere (2010)    c.10’

Cello and piano



I Regret Your Sex (2018)     c. 15’

SSA (trio)



 Game?  (2016)       c.14'

Soprano, piano, violin, viola, cello, clarinet



The Snow (2013)    c.4

Mezzo -soprano and piano



Fast Food (2012)    c.3’

Soprano & piano



Ideals Are Like Stars (2011)    c.3’

Soprano & piano



A Scrap Of Life (2011)    c.10’

Wind quintet, piano, Mezzo-soprano



Roselein, Roselein (2011)     c. 4’

Lied for tenor & piano



In My Search For Water  (2010)     c.8’

   i.  Cool Clear Water

   ii. Reflections

Mezzo-soprano, piano & string quartet



Tell Us Who We Are  (2018)     c.30'’

Large Ensemble (8 piayers,SAB,8 actors,8 dancers)r


Advent (2015)    c.4'




Psalm 67 (2015)    c.5'

SATB & Organ



Art Is The Flower (2014)    c.5'

SATB & piano



Kneeling (2014)    c.8'

SATB & Clarinet